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Proficiency Seminar

At the request of seminar participants who have received the certificate "Intercultural Teacher. Advanced" the Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung developed Proficiency Seminars (duration: three days) which will focus on in-depth exploration of topics that are of special interests to tour guides.

In 2008 a Proficiency Seminar with the focus on "Tour guiding and the interreligious dialogue between Islam and Christianity" was developed in cooperation with the Global Ethic Foundation. This seminar will be held in an Islamic country.

In preparation: "Tour guiding and sustainable development"

Seminar requirements

Information / Registration

Tour operators, tourist agencies, tourist boards, tourism ministries, tour guide associations etc. that are interested in Proficiency Seminars for their tour guides will receive further information on inquiry (concerning, for instance, costs, registration procedures etc.). Contact us