Intercultural Tourguide Seminar Advanced

The Advanced Seminar comprises six full work days.
The seminar focuses on specific topics of interest which will be treated in depth during the first five days of the seminar, i.e.:

  • prerequisites and techniques for a successful and well-structured argument
  • facts and exercises to discuss "society and culture"
  • facts and excercises to discuss "development"
  • facts and excercises to discuss "religion and identity"
  • facts and excercises to discuss "globalization"

On the last (sixth) day of the seminar individual oral exams will be held.
Successful participants will receive the certificate "Intercultural Teacher Advanced."

Information / Registration

If you are a tour operator, travel agency, tourist board, tourism ministry, or tour guide association interested in conducting an Advanced seminar for your tour guides, please contact us by E-Mail.