Intercultural Tourguide Seminar Basic

The Basic Seminar comprises six full work days.
Its focus is on the following topics:

  • self-assessment as tour guides in a developing country, newly industrializing country or transition country
  • expectations and behaviour of tourists
  • contents and methods of cultural mediation
  • development and global interrelatedness
  • tourism and development
  • exercises

During the first four days the seminar focuses on self-awareness, factual information, analysis, and discussion. The contents of the seminar are taught with a view to the practical needs of tour guides. Realistic situations are discussed, experiences exchanged, helpful pointers provided - in preparation for the last two days of the seminar.
On days five and six the newly acquired knowledge and methodology are implemented, trained, and put to the test in simulations of realistic conditions. For this aim the participants go on an excursion on which each of them has to present a specific topic.
These presentations are filmed and subsequently analysed and evaluated by the whole group. Tour guides receive realistic feedback concerning the content, methods, and manner of their work with tourists. They have the chance to critically examine their own position and to improve their work by this "outside perspective" and helpful suggestions from the trainers and their colleagues.

Successful participation in the seminar earns participants the certificate "Intercultural Teacher Basic".


If you are a tour operator, travel agency, tourist board, tourism ministry, or tour guide association interested in conducting a Basic seminar for your tour guides, please contact us by E-Mail.