Intercultural Tour Guide Qualification

  • increases the technical and social competencies as well as the capacities of tour guides to work in teams and leads to a reassessment and improvement of former concepts of communication and information, expansion of the tour guides’ knowledge by adding development-related and global contexts, and improvement of their argumentation skills.
  • helps tour guides to better understand the cultural background, personal expectations and behaviours of tourists, to recognise and correct their prejudices and stereotypes.
  • leads to quality improvements in hosting tourists and to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and in this way facilitates the positioning of tourism enterprises in the international market.
  • may in typical beach destinations contribute to minimising the exchangeability of destinations. Thanks to the work of tour guides, the every day culture of a country becomes a unique selling proposition.
  • may play a significant role in making guests advertise the country, the tour operator or the local agency when back home, and in making them come back when they are to book another holiday in the future.
  • may help tourists enjoy more differentiated experiences in unfamiliar settings, better understand other countries and their people, strengthen their ability to judge, and gain more understanding of the world.